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Discover a smarter path for warm introductions and referrals through your hidden network of trusted relationships.

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A Network of Relationships, not “Connections”

SmallWorld relies on relationship strength data submitted by our members to create an expanded "network of integrity" between fellow Super Connectors.

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Share Warm Introductions

Through this trusted network (where shared relationships are a premium), reciprocity happens more naturally and new doors are opened into target prospects as you rate relationships.

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Privacy and Security Is Our Priority

Super Connector members are always in control of their data and identity is never revealed until you make or accept an introduction request.

Join SmallWorld and build your network of trusted relationships.

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Step 1

Sync Your Relationships

Register and sync your LinkedIn connections with just a couple clicks.

Step 2

Rate the Strength of Your Relationships

As you rate, we build your SmallWorld network to contain those you trust through mutual relationships. The more relationships you rate, the more opportunities you create!

Step 3

Browse Your SmallWorld Network

Browse, filter, and sort your relationships to identify Prospects that would make for good warm introductions.