Unlocking new access to referrals and warm introductions to drive better business results

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Drive more pipeline and increase conversion rates

The countless relationships that exist within the extended networks of your company can be the difference in winning or losing an important deal or securing that first meeting with a key prospect.

SmallWorld introduction requests convert 65% of the time, on the first attempt - a 30x improvement over cold outreach.

Accelerate sales cycles

Providing teams with the visibility, access, and proper incentives to make warm introductions a scalable channel has been impossible - until now.

By leveraging trusted relationships to access senior-level executives and creating multi-threaded sales cycles, SmallWorld helps sales and marketing teams reduce the average sales cycle by 30%+.

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Reduce customer acquisition costs

Companies can now do more with less by activating the entire company as a trusted channel for new opportunities.  SmallWorld empowers sales teams with a new resource for opportunity creation so payback periods decrease and productivity skyrockets.

SmallWorld's mission is to help sales and marketing teams unlock the power of trust to accelerate revenue

Improve business results across the revenue organization

New Business

SDRs, BDRs, and AEs are using SmallWorld to accelerate access to target prospects and reduce the time it takes to generate top-of-funnel opportunities.


Strategic account teams are using SmallWorld to engage senior-level decision makers and new buying centers to grow revenues with existing customers.


Customer success teams are using SmallWorld to develop multi-threaded relationships with customers to improve retention rates across their book of business.

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grew revenues 6x

with an important customer!

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How SmallWorld works


SmallWorld’s AI uses signals such as relationship strength, intent, and other important data to surface and prioritize the fastest path of connectivity to any target prospect


Initiate relevant introduction requests, capture relationship strength, track statuses, send friendly reminders, and close the loop with gratitude through one system


Gain full visibility into the business impact of warm introductions and referrals through the SmallWorld dashboard and Salesforce integration

The SmallWorld difference

Expanded network

The SmallWorld platform helps you access a larger network of potential connectors, maximizing the chance of a successful introduction to any target prospect.

100% accuracy of relationship strength data

A user-submitted, smarter way to distinguish real relationships from blind “connections” to increase the number of introduction requests that lead to a successful outcome.

Reimagined connector experience

SmallWorld’s “one-click” intros, smart notifications, status updates, streamlined workflow, and incentive module remove all ambiguity from the introduction process and make it easier for the people with the right relationships to make warm introductions.

A new system of record

A common language and system for mapping, managing, and measuring the impact of warm introductions and referrals gives revenue operations teams new visibility into business results.