Warm introductions and referrals are one of the most underutilized assets within a company today

A graphic showing members of the network.

The countless relationships that exist within the extended networks of your company can be the difference in winning or losing an important deal or securing that first meeting with a key prospect.

The challenge has been in providing teams with the visibility, access, and proper incentives to make it a trusted channel for growth within the business.

A graphic showing SmallWorld's Salesforce Integration

SmallWorld's mission is to help sales and marketing teams optimize this relationship asset by providing the tools and intelligence to engage any prospect

How SmallWorld Works


Companies add their ideal customer profile and identify relevant connectors within or outside of their company’s ecosystem



Sales rep submits introduction request to a target prospect and SmallWorld identifies the best path of connectivity amongst all registered connectors



SmallWorld provides multiple channels of engagement between reps and relevant connectors to make the introduction process simpler and faster


SmallWorld provides visibility into the data and analytics to give sales and marketing teams access to results for reporting, compensation, and insights

The SmallWorld Difference

Larger network of potential connectors to maximize chances of a successful introduction to any target prospect

Smarter way to distinguish real relationships from blind “connections” to increase conversion rate of requests to successful introduction

Common language and system designed for warm introductions and referrals to remove any ambiguity for all participants

A simpler process for connectors with the insight, tools, and flexibility to make introductions more easily

Access to the data and analytics to measure business impact and deliver incentives to connectors for successful introductions

Business Impact

Top-of-funnel production

We arm sales teams with the tools to prospect with precision and drive higher productivity per rep

Higher quality leads

Relationships accelerate trust and credibility throughout the entire sales process

Higher conversion rates

Getting access to decision makers and
the C-suite can directly impact win/loss
rates for active deals in the pipeline