Our Story

We believe revenue teams are overwhelmed by all the data, tools, and intelligence they have today. Rather than more information, what they really need is access to their target prospects and senior-level decision makers. Access that is only granted through a trusted relationship with another person. Trust that has been earned over time through real relationships, not blind “connections” or audience-building networks.

At SmallWorld, we help companies enable access to their target prospects through this power of trust.

Unlocking the full value of a company asset (relationships) to drive more efficient growth and reduce the cost of customer acquisition. Helping companies discover an expanded network of access through our Relationship AI to reveal all direct and indirect paths into target companies.

Providing teams with a new solution for the “last mile” that results in higher conversion rates, more pipeline, and shorter sales cycles. All through a new approach that ensures 100% accuracy of relationship strength data so there is no ambiguity with willing connectors. Where users receive daily Relationship Leads and can conduct SmallWorld Relationship Audits on their most important accounts.

Giving teams a new way to build the right deal teams, achieve full account coverage, and multi-thread effectively across an entire buying committee. All through a common system and platform that manages introduction requests, reminders and notifications, and the tracking & reporting of results.

With cold outreach becoming more unpredictable and ineffective, revenue teams need a new approach to accelerate revenues. SmallWorld fills this essential part of the modern technology stack for revenue teams by driving business outcomes with clear ROI.

We invite you to learn more about our solutions and results to learn how SmallWorld can impact your business today!

– David Rush, Founder and CEO

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