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Fill the funnel with higher quality leads through relationship activation

Discover and activate the trusted relationships that already exist between your company and target accounts to drive more revenue
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Learn why Marketing leaders love SmallWorld

Marketing teams responsible for lead generation and executive engagement use SmallWorld to drive more opportunities and improve the quality of leads. SmallWorld works with ABM, executive engagement, and demand generation teams to drive more pipeline and higher conversion rates.

Demand gen teams can integrate intent data into SmallWorld to prioritize accounts and create the perfect “bulls-eye” for Sales by combining relevance and relationship.

ABM teams can quickly discover the real relationships into senior-level decision makers and C-suite and personalize outreach through the best Connector.

Executive engagement teams can leverage real relationships to drive attendance, engagement, and interest into their target personas.

Field marketing teams can activate referral and/or bonus incentives and programs across the organization, and with customers and partners to drive new opportunities.

Boost Marketing Performance

Increase pipeline conversion rates

Don’t settle for unpredictable MQLs. Elevate the quality of leads by engaging more senior-level prospects through the power of trust.

A SmallWorld introduction request converts an average of 65% of the time on the first attempt, versus a 2-5% conversion rate for cold outreach in 6 attempts.

Graphic showing the analytics Dashboard of 19 introductions with a 65% conversion rate

Accelerate sales cycles

Relying on unreliable “connections” or data enrichment tools to map and market to qualified accounts is both time-intensive and inefficient for ABM teams.

By accessing senior-level decision makers via trusted relationships, SmallWorld helps marketing teams reduce the average sales cycle by 30%+.

A graphic showing a filter for people in roles

Lower overall customer acquisition costs

Achieving your executive engagement goals shouldn’t require expensive programs and content.

SmallWorld empowers marketing teams by unlocking direct access to decision makers through trusted relationships.

Graphic showing a hover over of an employee to reveal a relationship strength of strong