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Allow your Requesters to build pipeline and accelerate sales cycles through warm introductions without ever leaving Salesforce
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About the App

SmallWorld's Salesforce integration pulls relationship data from SmallWorld and displays it within your existing Salesforce instance. Requesters can see relationships for a given record, then initiate relationship strength and introduction requests, all from within Salesforce.

Surface Connections

SmallWorld uncovers paths for warm introductions directly from any Account, Lead, Contact or Opportunity page. For Accounts and Opportunities, SmallWorld automatically finds new entry points into the organization for prospects that aren’t even in Salesforce.

Salesforce AppExchange + SmallWorld

Pick your connection path

See all available Connectors, including their relationship to the business, title, company, location and relationship strength with the Target Prospect. If relationship strength isn’t visible, request it with one click.

A graphic showing the SmallWorld widget in Salesforce

Initiate a request

Initiate an introduction request for the prospect to a single Connector, or post to the Bulletin Board to let all Connectors know you are searching for a specific introduction. Updates are provided via email and are automatically reflected in Salesforce.

A graphic showing an introduction request modal in the Salesforce app

Track results

All activity from Salesforce is tracked by SmallWorld, allowing account admins to view the status of any introduction and overall success rates.

A graphic showing reporting in Salesforce