SmallWorld for Customer Success

Boost retention rates and drive incremental revenue with relationship activation

Discover and activate the trusted relationships that already exist between your company’s network and important customers
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Learn why Customer Success leaders love SmallWorld

Customer Success teams measured on NRR and churn use SmallWorld to drive higher retention rates and more revenue with important customers.  By showcasing which accounts are at-risk or need executive-level sponsorship, teams are able to drive a more team-based approach to every customer.

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CSMs use SmallWorld (instead of a spreadsheet) to highlight which red or yellow customers should be prioritized and need executive-level engagement.

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CS teams looking to engage new buying centers and new champions use SmallWorld to identify where trusted relationships already exist.

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CSMs prioritize single-threaded relationships as an opportunity to use SmallWorld to help diversify engagement, value, and increase NPS scores.

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SmallWorld can identify the best pathways for executive-level engagement to free up budget or help influence competitive threats.

Achieve Key Customer Success KPIs

Mitigate the risks of single-threaded relationships

Drive retention and growth by securing the trust and confidence of senior-level decision makers at important customers.

SmallWorld intelligently surfaces the buying centers, levels, and relationships to enable new access to executives or c-suite with important customers.

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Improve NPS score

Relying on a single source of feedback and one user experience creates risk in overall NPS score.

By accessing new buying centers and other influencers' trusted relationships, SmallWorld helps CS unlock expansion budget faster while improving overall retention.

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Improve the efficiency of your CS headcount budget

Hitting your retention and expansion targets shouldn’t require spending more on headcount.

SmallWorld empowers CS teams to improve overall coverage and bandwidth through effective team-based selling and new relationships within key accounts.

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