About SmallWorld

SmallWorld was founded to help companies unlock the vast network of relationships available to them for warm introductions and referrals.

We believe that the collective relationships available to a company are one of the most underutilized assets they have today. These relationships open new doors of opportunity and can make a big impact on overall business results. Whether it’s a former colleague, classmate, business partner, or neighbor, the extended network of ways to connect with people is invisible through most tools today. Our mission at SmallWorld is to unlock this relationship asset and help our customers engage any target prospect through an existing relationship.

We serve companies of all sizes that are seeking to solve the inefficiencies of cold outreach and identify a smarter path of connectivity. Our tools and technology are designed to make the discovery, engagement, and introduction process much simpler for both the salesperson and the connector making the introduction. By enabling all of this through one system, we are able to harness the data and intelligence to inform best practices on engagement and drive higher productivity per rep across the organization.

We hope to have the opportunity to serve you and your teams in the future!

– The SmallWorld Team

SmallWorld's mission is to help sales and marketing teams unlock the power of trust to accelerate revenue

Meet the Leadership

David Rush

David Rush


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David is an experienced entrepreneur and SaaS go-to-market leader who has built and led growth teams to successful exits multiple times in his career. Previously, David was the founder and CEO of Earshot, a social media listening platform for major enterprise brands. Most recently, David served as CRO of DialogTech where he led team of 80+ sales, customer success, channel, and service professionals to drive commercial growth and retention. The inspiration for SmallWorld came from his deep understanding of the power of networks and the impact they can have on top line revenues. David holds a BBA from Southern Methodist University and in his free time, enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and golf.

Matt Williams headshot

Matt Williams

Head of Product

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Matt is an experienced entrepreneur and UX / design expert who has helped bring products to market multiple times. Previously, Matt led design and front-end development teams at Groupon, GoHealth, Kin Insurance, and most recently, was Head of Design and UX at HealthJoy. Earlier in his career, he cofounded Boomerang, a rewards network for publishers that was acquired by Groupon (where Matt and his team built a product that generated $65MM in revenue from scratch). Matt holds his bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from University of Illinois at Chicago and in his free time, likes to race cars and spend time with his dog, Browser.

Camron Khan, Chief Technology Officer

Camron Khan


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Camron is an experienced engineer and technology leader in the areas of software development, data science, and cloud infrastructure. Prior to SmallWorld, Camron served as Senior Director of Engineering at Fetch Rewards where he bootstrapped an organization to 130+ members primarily focused on B2B products, client-facing and executive analytics, and application infrastructure and delivery. Earlier in his career, he held roles in engineering, predictive analytics, and operations at Zurich North America, benefitexpress, and Motorola Solutions. Camron earned his master's and bachelor's degrees in Computer Science from University of Illinois Springfield.

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