Recent Product Updates

November 20, 2023

Chrome Extension for Relationship Syncing

We are excited to announce the release of our Chrome extension to all SmallWorld Connectors! Personalizing your account with your relationships is now incredibly easy and your network will better stay in sync between platforms:

1) Setup is 3 clicks - no more requesting an export and importing to SmallWorld.

2) New LI connections will automatically be added to your relationships.

3) Job changes within your network will be instantaneously updated.

Even if you completed the manual export/import in the past, we highly reccomend installing the extension. Our identity resolution will ensure duplicates aren't created and we'll just add new relationships or update work history on existing ones. After download, you'll be prompted for your SmallWorld login information and the process will automatically kick off. SmallWorld will quickly grab your relationships, then we'll email you when your network has been intelligently sorted.

Ready to install the extension? Visit the Chrome Store

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September 25, 2023

Saleforce App Upgrades

The new version of our Salesforce app is officially live on the AppExchange! This major release gives users the ability to take action on Relationship Leads from within Salesforce and to automatically sync their Target Accounts from Salesforce.

Relationship Leads:

Since the release of Relationship Leads to the core platform last month, we've heard from many customers that checking new leads has become part of their daily workflow. With the Relationship Leads queue now in Salesforce, we've given them an easy way to see what's new in SmallWorld, without having to ever visit the platform.

Requesters and Admins can now hide a lead, save it for later or request an intro from the new, dedicated SmallWorld page!

Target Company Sync:

Requesters and Admins have always been able to add Target Companies for introductions to SmallWorld but have had to manually keep them in sync with their ever-changing territories. With this new feature, Admins just need to complete a one-time setup to enable the sync for all Requesters, then set rules for which companies should be added to SmallWorld. Each night accounts are updated, so Requesters and Connectors always have an accurate picture of introduction targets in SmallWorld.

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August 28, 2023

Relationship Leads Queue

A queue of new Relationship Leads
A queue of new Relationship Leads

As the volume of rated relationships from Connectors has continued to increase, our customers have been seeking an easier way to make real relationships more actionable and prominent for their sales teams.

With “Relationship Leads”, registered Requesters can quickly save, hide, or initiate an introduction request with every “strong” or "very strong" relationship within their Target Accounts.

In many cases, strategic AEs are building their deal teams, org charts, and strategy for multi-threading where “saving” a relationship lead is the most appropriate action. In other cases, an intro request is suitable as AEs build their pipelines and create new opportunities into target accounts.

As important, Connectors now know their ratings are surfacing front and center when it matters most.

With conversion rates on SmallWorld introduction requests well over 55%, engaging "Relationship Leads" has become an important part of the daily routine for many active users.

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July 12, 2023

Relationship AI

AI created relationships
AI created relationships

We are excited to announce the launch of SmallWorld’s relationship AI as part of our offering for new enterprise customers!

Through relationship AI, customers can get started with SmallWorld without the dependency on Connectors uploading relationships into our system as we can automatically source the most relevant relationships for Connectors, whether it’s work history, recommendations, or communities where they engage.

By seeding accounts with these relationships and confirming relationship strength between the Connectors and prospective customers, we are arming teams with new “relationship leads” every day and giving new Connectors a new reason to further personalize their dashboards.

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April 18, 2023

Connector Gmail Integration

LinkedIn has been an excellent data source for professional connections but personal relationships tend to live outside the platform. With SmallWorld's new Gmail integration, people you communicate with frequently are automatically created as relationships in the system. Simply authorize the app with your Google credentials and SmallWorld will do the rest. The content of your emails remains private and SmallWorld will filter out businesses, marketing emails, etc.

In addition to Gmail and LinkedIn, SmallWorld can import data from any personal CRMs or contact managers!

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January 31, 2023

Connector Email Templates

Connector Template Demo
Connector Template Demo

While every introduction is unique, the communication surrounding them tends to be similar. With that in mind we've added Connector templates, so you won't have to manually craft emails each time you make an introduction. Saved templates can be turned into email drafts with a single click, with details specific to each introduction automatically populating.

In addition to the default templates, Connectors that want to fully customize their messages can create their own templates.  Building your own allows you to personalize your outreach while saving you time on every introduction request.

To view or build a template, head to Settings in your Connector account and select "Your Template Library"

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December 8, 2022

Connector Leaderboard

SmallWorld Connector Leaderboard
SmallWorld Connector Leaderboard

Connectors can now see how they rank against others within the network of their company. After logging in and selecting Leaderboard from the main menu, Connectors and account admins can see a stack ranking in 3 different categories:

1) Successful Introductions

2) Most Suggested Introduction

3) % of Target Profiles Rated (Ratings of relationship strength on connections that match the company ICP)

With this new feature, Connectors can be recognized by the companies they are helping and engage in friendly competitions with peers!

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October 28, 2022

Unlocking 3rd and 4th degree relationships for automatic pipeline generation

A screenshot showing inferred relationships
A screenshot showing inferred relationships

We are excited to announce the release of “Inferred Relationships” within the SmallWorld platform and Salesforce integration. This release gives reps an entirely new path of engagement that’s simply not visible through traditional relationship intelligence solutions.

By capturing and translating predictive clues like work history, recommendations, comments, location, etc. about relationships, the SmallWorld AI engine can now help sales and marketing teams interpret and discover 3rd and 4th degree paths of connectivity into target prospects.

For example, when a SmallWorld Connector indicates (with 100% accuracy) a “very strong” relationship with Jane Doe, our AI instantly discovers Jane’s work history and reveals her direct access into target companies the sales team is actively pursuing.

Activating inferred relationships ultimately helps companies automate pipeline generation even further and unlocks doors of new opportunity through trusted relationships.  

Please contact us to learn more!

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October 7, 2022

Request an Introduction within your Salesforce instance with the new SmallWorld Salesforce app!

A screenshot showing the SmallWorld application on a Lead Page in Salesforce
A screenshot showing the SmallWorld application on a Lead Page in Salesforce

We're happy to announce that our new Salesforce application went through final security approval by Salesforce and is now available on the AppExchange!

SmallWorld surfaces paths for warm introductions directly from any Account, Lead, Contact or Opportunity page. Rather than rely on cold outreach into target accounts, SmallWorld helps you leverage the power of warm introductions to build pipeline and accelerate conversion rates on active deals.

For more details, view SmallWorld on the App Exchange.

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September 21, 2022

Now integrating with 3rd Party Intent Data!

A screenshot showing intent data from G2
A screenshot showing intent data from G2

We're excited to announce a new feature currently in Beta that will help sales and marketing teams leverage 3rd party intent data from sources like 6sense, Bombora, G2 and more!

Through our Salesforce integration, we can now pull in any intent data that lives on any Lead, Contact, Account, or Opportunity within your Salesforce instance. So whether you use 6sense, or Bombora – or you use 1st party intent data from lead forms or free trial signups – we can help surface this intent data to make it more actionable for your reps. We'll also surface to your Connectors when they have meaningful relationships with people at companies who are showing high intent signals.

We're currently recruiting customers to be added to the beta. For more information reach out to

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