The SmallWorld Relationship Activation platform fuels the entire relationship lifecycle to unlock more successful warm introductions and referrals

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How SmallWorld Relationship Activation Works


SmallWorld AI uses relationship strength and other attributes to surface the most relevant prospects and best path of connectivity for engagement

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The SmallWorld platform helps teams initiate introduction requests with context, track statuses, send notifications, and enables messaging to simplify the entire introduction process

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SmallWorld provides custom tracking and reporting so teams can quantify the impact of warm introductions to reward and recognize those making an impact on the business

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Requesters are sales and marketing professionals using SmallWorld to discover and request warm introductions

  • Faster, easier way to build high quality pipeline
  • Access to senior-level decision makers that would otherwise be inaccessible
  • Smarter account mapping and prioritization of target accounts and target prospects
  • Higher conversion rates on introduction requests to Connectors
  • Ability to create multi-threaded sales cycles more quickly and easily


Connectors are the people making warm introductions and referrals for the Requesters into target prospects

  • Eliminate irrelevant introduction requests into your “connections” where no real relationship exists
  • Become eligible for rewards or recognition throughout the company for helping drive new business
  • Simplify the introduction process by accessing templates, ghost emails, and context for every request
  • Suggest referrals or warm introductions into a reliable system of record that accounts for each introduction
  • Have visibility into the impact of your introductions on overall business results

Activating relationships to engage any target prospect

SmallWorld reveals the direct and indirect paths of connectivity into your most important prospects. Choose your buying center, level, and define your ideal customer profile to zero in on the strongest relationships into target prospects.

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An evolution from Relationship Intelligence to Relationship Activation

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Relationship strength accuracy

We believe that relationships are by definition subjective and can’t just be identified through email activity or algorithms. Traditional “relationship intelligence” tools show about a 60%-65% accuracy rate and research has shown that over 80% of all LinkedIn “connections” are not real relationships. This means misfires, irrelevant requests and wasted time for both the Requester and the Connector. SmallWorld uniquely captures relationship strength directly from willing Connectors to ensure 100% accuracy and control over who they really know and where they can make successful introductions.

Replacing the spreadsheet

The SmallWorld Connector dashboard gives teams instant visibility into the companies and people that align with their ideal customer profile. By surfacing prospects based on relevance (clues such as number of relationships, location, intent, etc.) SmallWorld is able to present a smarter, more dynamic way for connectors to offer help for the most important prospects at any given time. And because every offer to help or intro request is tracked, Connectors know there will be friendly reminders and an account of all of their activity in SmallWorld.

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The first step in building more pipeline

Through our Salesforce integration, SmallWorld should be the first place a sales rep starts when trying to engage target prospects. By combining relationship strength with relevance (like intent), we create a virtual “bulls-eye” for sales reps that want to accelerate opportunity creation and avoid the pains of cold outreach. By making introduction requests a part of their routine and Workflow, SmallWorld can directly impact the number of SQL’s per rep per month and help drive more opportunities to closed won every quarter.

Closing the loop

Relationships thrive on trust and communication. By updating the status of intros and closing the loop with Connectors, you invest in that relationship to continue to reap the benefits and reciprocate where possible. SmallWorld makes this easy by enabling real-time rewards and recognition through our incentive module. By showing gratitude and appreciation for successful introductions, reps are able to establish respect and trust from Connectors which continues to fuel the motivation to use SmallWorld for future introductions.

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"Even when I think I have a decision maker on the call, most of them end with the prospect saying they just need to get approval from their boss. With SmallWorld, I was able to start with senior-level decision makers and accelerate my pipeline by decreasing my time to close."

Jenna Speck, Strategic Accounts at Thnks