Unlocking new access to referrals and warm introductions to drive better business results

CRM Platforms

With SmallWorld’s Salesforce app, Requesters can see paths for warm introductions on Lead, Contact, Account and Opportunity pages. When they’re ready to engage a Connector, they can request relationship strength, submit an introduction request or post to the company bulletin board without ever leaving Salesforce.

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A graphic showing the SmallWorld widget in Salesforce

Intent Data Platforms

SmallWorld ingests intent data from industry-leading platforms, allowing Requesters to easily prioritize introduction requests for prospects that are ready to buy. Intent data becomes immediately actionable through the SmallWorld dashboard and sets up Requesters for relevant, well-timed introduction requests that have a high likelihood of success.

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A screenshot showing an intent integration with 6sense data

Incentive Platforms

Show gratitude for your Connector network with timely tokens of appreciation. SmallWorld’s integration with Thnks enables your team to automatically send gift cards of any amount for any action, from adding connections to completing a requested introduction.

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A screenshot of an email showing a reward powered by Thnks.com