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Automate pipeline creation and win more deals through relationship activation

Discover and activate the trusted relationships that already exist between your company and target accounts to drive more revenue
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Learn why Sales leaders love SmallWorld

Sales teams use SmallWorld as the first step in building more pipeline and higher quality pipeline in their territories. By combining relevant data like intent with relationship strength, teams can be infinitely more productive in their prospecting and closing efforts.

Strategic account teams use SmallWorld to engage new buying centers and create multi-threaded relationships within their most important accounts.

SDRs and BDRs use SmallWorld to access the fastest path of engagement and complement their cadence-based, automated outreach to target prospects.

Account Executives use SmallWorld to access senior-level decision makers that would be otherwise inaccessible to accelerate deals and improve win/loss rates.

Sales and operations teams use SmallWorld for smarter account mapping and QBRs to inform strategic planning and define details of quota achievement.

Boost Sales Performance

Increase conversion rates

Stop relying on blind “connections” and a limited network of connectors to try and engage target prospects.

SmallWorld provides visibility into true relationship strength and access to a larger network of connectors to help teams engage any target prospect.

Graphic showing an email notification asking for an introduction

Improve win / loss rates

Take the guesswork out of competitive deals where relationships and trust can be the difference between winning and losing a deal.

By unlocking access to senior-level executives via trusted relationships, SmallWorld helps sales teams win more deals through the power of trust.

Graphic showing a hover over to reveal a relationship between Dave and Cheryl

Improve the output and efficiency of your current team

Achieving your executive engagement goals shouldn’t require expensive programs and content.

SmallWorld empowers marketing teams by unlocking direct access to decision makers through trusted relationships.

Graphic showing the request for an introduction module