Product Update

Unlocking 3rd and 4th degree relationships for automatic pipeline generation

A screenshot showing inferred relationships
A screenshot showing inferred relationships

We are excited to announce the release of “Inferred Relationships” within the SmallWorld platform and Salesforce integration. This release gives reps an entirely new path of engagement that’s simply not visible through traditional relationship intelligence solutions.

By capturing and translating predictive clues like work history, recommendations, comments, location, etc. about relationships, the SmallWorld AI engine can now help sales and marketing teams interpret and discover 3rd and 4th degree paths of connectivity into target prospects.

For example, when a SmallWorld Connector indicates (with 100% accuracy) a “very strong” relationship with Jane Doe, our AI instantly discovers Jane’s work history and reveals her direct access into target companies the sales team is actively pursuing.

Activating inferred relationships ultimately helps companies automate pipeline generation even further and unlocks doors of new opportunity through trusted relationships.  

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