Product Update

Chrome Extension for Relationship Syncing

We are excited to announce the release of our Chrome extension to all SmallWorld Connectors! Personalizing your account with your relationships is now incredibly easy and your network will better stay in sync between platforms:

1) Setup is 3 clicks - no more requesting an export and importing to SmallWorld.

2) New LI connections will automatically be added to your relationships.

3) Job changes within your network will be instantaneously updated.

Even if you completed the manual export/import in the past, we highly reccomend installing the extension. Our identity resolution will ensure duplicates aren't created and we'll just add new relationships or update work history on existing ones. After download, you'll be prompted for your SmallWorld login information and the process will automatically kick off. SmallWorld will quickly grab your relationships, then we'll email you when your network has been intelligently sorted.

Ready to install the extension? Visit the Chrome Store

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