Product Update

Introducing Bulk Company Upload and Relationship Leads for Super Connectors

We’re excited to announce two powerful new features designed to enhance your SmallWorld experience: Bulk Company Upload and Relationship Leads.

What’s a Relationship Lead?

A Relationship Lead is a verified “strong” or “very strong” relationship into one of your target accounts. Data from enterprise customers shows a 72% conversion rate on introduction requests made from Relationship Leads, making this a more powerful and predictable way for you to build your pipeline and access senior-level decision-makers for important deals.

To receive Relationship Leads, simply add your target accounts individually or through our new CSV bulk upload feature. SmallWorld will identify other Super Connectors with “strong” relationships into your target prospects, helping you discover faster paths to your key targets. Relationship Leads are refreshed daily, and you’ll receive weekly reminders if you have any leads in your queue that you haven’t saved or dismissed.

Bulk Company Upload

To make it easier for you to manage your target accounts, we’ve introduced Bulk Company Upload. Now, you can add your entire territory by uploading a CSV file. This allows you to see all the opportunities for warm introductions across our network quickly and efficiently. Simply click on the Settings gear icon, select Add Target Companies, and upload your CSV to explore all potential paths into your target prospects.

Maximize Your Relationship Leads

The more relationships you rate, the more opportunities you create. Encourage your network to join SmallWorld and rate their relationships to maximize the number of Relationship Leads you receive daily.

We’ve received fantastic feedback from users securing key meetings and building strong connections through these new features. We invite you to explore Bulk Company Upload and Relationship Leads today and see how they can transform your results!

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