Product Update

Now integrating with 3rd Party Intent Data!

A screenshot showing intent data from G2
A screenshot showing intent data from G2

We're excited to announce a new feature currently in Beta that will help sales and marketing teams leverage 3rd party intent data from sources like 6sense, Bombora, G2 and more!

Through our Salesforce integration, we can now pull in any intent data that lives on any Lead, Contact, Account, or Opportunity within your Salesforce instance. So whether you use 6sense, or Bombora – or you use 1st party intent data from lead forms or free trial signups – we can help surface this intent data to make it more actionable for your reps. We'll also surface to your Connectors when they have meaningful relationships with people at companies who are showing high intent signals.

We're currently recruiting customers to be added to the beta. For more information reach out to [email protected].

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