Product Update

Enhanced Relationship Leads Management for Account Admins

We’re thrilled to introduce an enhanced feature for Account Admins to maximize the value of Relationship Leads in SmallWorld.

What are Relationship Leads?

Relationship Leads are one of the most valuable signals in SmallWorld, offering verified “strong” or “very strong” relationships into target accounts. These leads boast a conversion rate of over 56% on introduction requests, making them a powerful tool for building deal teams, accelerating access to decision-makers, multi-threading, and increasing conversion rates.

New Feature for Admins

We've discovered that many valuable relationship ratings fall outside designated target accounts and aren't assigned to a registered Requester, resulting in missed opportunities. To address this, we've introduced a new feature allowing Admins to assign these unassigned Relationship Leads to the appropriate Requester or invite new Requesters to join SmallWorld.

How It Works

As an Admin, you can access these unassigned Relationship Leads via the Relationship Lead header. From there, you can assign leads to the appropriate Requester, ensuring no valuable relationship is overlooked. This enhancement helps you leverage trusted relationships to drive more revenue.

For any questions or feedback, please contact us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing how this new feature improves your SmallWorld experience!

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