Product Update

Relationship Leads Queue

A queue of new Relationship Leads
A queue of new Relationship Leads

As the volume of rated relationships from Connectors has continued to increase, our customers have been seeking an easier way to make real relationships more actionable and prominent for their sales teams.

With “Relationship Leads”, registered Requesters can quickly save, hide, or initiate an introduction request with every “strong” or "very strong" relationship within their Target Accounts.

In many cases, strategic AEs are building their deal teams, org charts, and strategy for multi-threading where “saving” a relationship lead is the most appropriate action. In other cases, an intro request is suitable as AEs build their pipelines and create new opportunities into target accounts.

As important, Connectors now know their ratings are surfacing front and center when it matters most.

With conversion rates on SmallWorld introduction requests well over 55%, engaging "Relationship Leads" has become an important part of the daily routine for many active users.

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