Flexible pricing options for teams of any size


Get access to a new network for warm introductions into target prospects

Super Connectors
3 licenses included
  • A Trusted Network Woven Together
    by Relationship Strength Data
  • Filtered Results by Target Company, Buying Center, Level, and More
  • User-controlled Privacy
    and Anonymity
  • Daily Relationship Leads
  • Reciprocal Network Expansion
  • Individuals access for

FOR Companies

Leverage your company’s existing network of execs, advisors, investors, employees, partners, customers, etc. for warm introductions

25 licenses included
  • Includes 2 Requester Seats*
  • Unlimited Connector Seats
  • Relationship Sync from Gmail,
    LinkedIn and Personal CRMs
  • Integrations Optional
  • Basic Analytics
  • Self-Service
  • Starts at
    + one-time setup fee
10 licenses included
  • Includes 5 Requester Seats*
  • Unlimited Connector Seats
  • Relationship Sync with 
    AI Enrichment
  • Integrations Included
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Starts at
    + one-time setup fee

*Additional Requester or Admin seats priced per seat (tiered)

Included in both the STARTER and PRO Packages:

Daily Relationship Leads for Requesters

Personalized Notifications, Reminders and Status Updates

Customer Support and Comprehensive Knowledge Base

Administrative access (up to 2)

Unlimited Introduction Requests

Salesforce integration
(included in the Pro package)

Intent data (e.g. 6sense) integrations (included in the Pro package)

Optional SMS notifications

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SmallWorld Pays for Itself... Fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SmallWorld?

How is SmallWorld different from other professional networks or methods of seeing who is connected to whom?

Who are eligible Connectors?

How is relationship strength determined?

"Even when I think I have a decision maker on the call, most of them end with the prospect saying they just need to get approval from their boss. With SmallWorld, I was able to start with senior-level decision makers and accelerate my pipeline by decreasing my time to close."

Jenna Speck, Strategic Accounts at Thnks